Integra is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) with no broker dealer affiliation, and our financial advisors have been managing client assets for over 25 years.

As an independent, fee-based, RIA we have:

A Legal Obligation To Put Your Interests Ahead Of Our Own

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we are governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. That means that, by law, we have to act in the best interest of you, our client, and place your interests ahead of our own.

Advisors working for a Broker Dealer such as Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, or Edward Jones are governed by the suitability standard. Their first obligation is to the corporation where they work. Their second, legal obligation is only to do what is suitable for you. Since the suitability standard is the lowest standard, not only may it not be what is best for you, it could result in additional fees for you of 2% or more.

Only An RIA That Does Not Work For A Broker Dealer

Some Registered Investment Advisors use tactics for both complying with the Fiduciary Standard and generating extra commissions for themselves. They do this through dual registration – being both registered as an RIA and affiliated with a broker dealer, and they do it by creating their own proprietary funds. Either way, that means more fees for them and less return for you.

Complete Transparency And Disclosure Regarding Fees

Integra Financial is fee-based. That means you know exactly what you pay for our services, and there are no additional fees for trading. It also allows you to leave Integra at any time without negative financial consequences.

We are proud to be fiduciary advisors, and we believe our business philosophy is the reason our client retention rate is above 98% year after year. We would be honored to put one of our financial advisors to work for you.


Analyze your current situation, risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals


Implement your plan


Monitor and rebalance investments