High Touch Investing

High Touch

Integra's High Touch financial planning service is designed for individuals with $500,000 or more of investable assets and relatively complex financial needs.

This service includes close interaction with your advisor to set up your account and to build a plan and investment portfolio that's best for you. Once your financial plan is in place, you'll meet periodically with your advisor to review your up-to-date situation and determine if the plan is still on target or if we should make adjustments.

The fee for this service is 1% or less of portfolio assets.

We start new client relationships with conversations regarding their current situation and goals, including:

Taxes, Debt, Balance Sheet, and Risk Management  Reviewing your current situation related to your taxes, debt, and balance sheet

Retirement Planning  Reviewing your target retirement date and determining what's required to have your primary residence paid off by that time

Other goals  Reviewing your other financial goals as well as your financial habits

Family  Discussing other important considerations such as other family members who are involved in your financial decisions and their financial needs

Risk  Discussing your risk tolerance, how the balance between risk and reward varies across portfolio profiles, and how our value investment philosophy guides the decisions we make for you when market prices drop

Once your financial strategy and portfolio are in place, we monitor the markets and meet with you periodically for:

Situation updates and plan refinements  By monitoring the markets and keeping informed about your situation as it evolves we can decide if the financial strategy in place still fits your needs or if changes are in order. It is important that you inform us of changes in your financial situation.

Integra Financial has been providing High Touch investment and financial services for over 25 years, and we're proud to say that our annual client turnover is less than 2%. Our goal is always to build long term relationships based on trust—we are gratified that our clients appreciate our approach to financial planning.


Analyze your current situation, risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals


Implement your plan


Monitor and rebalance investments