Our Process

At Integra Financial, we use a three step investment planning process to help you achieve your financial goals.

Whether you're a High Touch client or a High Tech / Low Fee client, the steps are the same. What varies is the amount of time you spend working directly with one of our financial advisors. Specifically, High Touch clients tend to have relatively complex financial needs and require more advisor access. Whereas High Tech / Low Fee clients tend to have relatively less complicated financial needs and require very little financial advisor access, so they benefit from lower fees.

Analyze your current situation, risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals

This step is a blend of information gathering for us and introspection for you.

If you're a High Touch client, we meet with you periodically to discuss your current situation, how and why market prices move up and down, your personal tolerance for risk, how the balance of risk and reward varies across portfolio profiles, actions you can take today to enhance your financial position, your time horizon for retirement, and your financial goals.

If you're a High Tech / Low Fee client, you complete our secure online questionnaire designed to capture similar information we collect from High Touch clients, and we use that information to create a diversified financial portfolio that matches your profile. In addition, if you'd like to discuss your situation with us directly, you're entitled to an hour of free personal consultation.

The output from this step is your target investment plan and portfolio profile.

Open your account

Once we've designed your financial portfolio, we open an account for you and adjust your investments as appropriate to match your plan and portfolio profile.

This process starts with opening an account for you at one of our custodians. This account is yours. While we have the ability to make investment decisions for you, we have no ability to make withdrawals without your authorization. Putting your account in the hands of a 3rd party assures its safety.

Once your account has been set up, you can access it any time through a secure login process on our website or a secure login process on the custodian's website.

Monitor and rebalance investments

As your investment manager, our job is not only to set up an account that's right for you but also to manage your investments over time. That means we continuously monitor the capital markets and we adjust your portfolio as appropriate based on market trends and changes in your situation to the best of our ability.

As a Registered Investment Advisor specifically, we're also legally bound to put your interests ahead of our own. This is called being your fiduciary investment advisor. It's consistent with our personal business philosophies, and we take it very seriously.

Finally, throughout our relationship with you, all our decisions and investment planning decisions will be guided by the principles of value investing.


Analyze your current situation, risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals


Implement your plan


Monitor and rebalance investments