Life Events Checklist

Life Events

Life Events and Changes

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In the last 18 months, have you:

Family Events

Been married? Or divorced?

Added to your family (birth/ adoption)?

Started saving for education (children/ grandchildren)?

Lost your spouse or immediate family member?

Become "empty nesters"?

Real Estate

Moved or changed your address?

Purchased real estate?

Sold real estate?

Purchased a vacation home?

Obtained a rental property?

Employment or Retirement

Changed employment?

Started a new business?

Received a raise?

Lost your job?



Created a will or trust?

Acquired new or inherited wealth?

Need to adjust income, savings and/ or spending?

Experienced a change to your health or a family member's health?



Analyze your current situation, risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals


Implement your plan


Monitor and rebalance investments