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2015 Market

As we start the New Year it is good to look back and review the past 12 months. It would appear that we are in a global slow growth environment. The 2015 markets were flat for the year with parts (emerging markets) being sharply down. The Morningstar broad index was up .69%, the Russell 2000 was down -4.41%, the DOW […]

Integra Financial 4th Quarter 2015 Market Performance & Economic Outlook

The market performance for this last quarter is one I would like to forget. If you have been listening to the business news you have heard two major themes. The markets have been “volatile” and the “Fed may raise interest rates”. The market performance year-to-date has gone negative because of events in August. The Morningstar U.S. Total Market return YTD […]

3Q15 Greexit and Economic Update

The year-to-date returns for the quarter ended are positive, but not by much. The broad US Morningstar Index was up 1.85%, the DOW .03%, and the S & P 1.23%. The Small Cap sector lead the way with a 3.59% return. Volatility is an important factor this year. The returns just a few weeks ago when the DOW was 18,000+ […]

April 15, 2015 Newsletter – Market Index and Crowd Funding

2Q2015 Market Index and Crowd Funding The first quarter ended with the broad Morningstar US Index up 1.77%. The Mid Cap sector leading the way with +4.50% followed by the Small Cap +4.38% with Large Caps up but only by +.78%. A good question to ask is how the total market can be up 1.77% when 2/3’s of the sub-indexes […]

January 7, 2015 – 4Q2014 Market Review Newsletter

January 7, 2015 – 4Q2014 Market Review Newsletter I hope you had a safe and pleasant holiday season. Again the markets were kind to us. The S&P 500 index hit 53 all-time high closes during the year. For the year the broad U.S. Market index was up 12.85%, the DOW up 10.04%, the S&P 500 up 13.69%. However, the Russell […]

October 2014 Market Review Newsletter

This last quarter has brought many new highs, recent drops in the market, and a lot of other news. The broad market (Morningstar Index) is up 7.33% for the year and up .21% for the quarter ended. We have our first Ebola case in the US, ISIS, Ukraine, Hong Kong protesters, Iranian nuclear enrichment, a White House intruder, the going […]

July 2014 Market Review Newletter

Market Review The Bull moves on and up. NO intended humor. Well maybe. The broad index for the US market is up 7.11% YTD, with Mid Cap Value leading the way with a 9.87% gain; Small Cap Growth being the lowest performer with a positive 1.72%. The debate now being discussed among investment circles is, are the markets too high […]

March 31, 2014 Newsletter

Willis has asked me, Keith Fevurly, to write this quarter’s newsletter and I am most pleased to do so. It has been a rocky first quarter for the calendar year 2014! The international markets have been upset by continued unrest in Turkey, a declining growth rate in China, more uncertainty in European monetary policy, and, of course, the annexation of […]

January 2014 Market Update

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season.  2013 was a wonderful year for the U.S. market and you will see some nice dividends and capital gains hitting your accounts in December and January. After the markets ran up during the first quarter the news pundits were saying the markets were overvalued, the next quarter predicted the Fed would “taper […]

October 3, 2013

Greetings! As the quarter ends the equity investment market has been kind to us. We are now almost five years from the recession. For those of us who did not sell at the bottom we have been rewarded with a five year return in the broad stock market of 7.73% annualized return. I know of few places where your capital […]